The year is 2024 and the Earth has been under the control of the V'Sori Empire for over two years. Humans with extraordinary abilities, commonly known as superpowers, have existed for little over a century. Those who used their powers for altruistic reasons were known as superheroes it’s believed somewhere around 98% of them were lured into a cunning trap and killed or imprisoned by the V’sori.
Unfortunately the alien overlords’ policy is to kill anyone exhibiting paranormal powers, the only option open for such individuals is fight or flight! Although various resistance movements have been quashed by the V’sori, the most promising has only just begun to act. Ironically this, the best hope for resistance, is a direct result of the V’soris own policy on superhumans. Omega is a resistance movement comprised mostly of supervillains who with no options left other than death, incarceration or hiding have decided to oppose the V’sori.

In this new world, Supervillians may just be, a Necessary Evil.


If you want to catch up with how the invasion happened maybe you should read up on some Modern History, or maybe catch up on Star City your current location.

Necessary Evil

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